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I'm having HP Touchpad déjà vu with the way that the Blackberry Playbook prices are dropping so fast.

Just a few hours ago they slashed the prices on all of them to $299. Now they are on sale for $249?


Recommended only for Blackberry phone users.


@dreamyvelvet: "Just a few hours ago they slashed the prices on all of them to $299...."

I don't know when the $299 price actually went into effect, but Engadget reported it 21 hours before HuffPo did ... so it's been more than just a few hours.

It was easy to see this coming, though. RIM ran a $300-off sale in Canada starting 11/16 and matched the $199 low-end price in the US on 11/21. The thing had been on the market for only about 7 months at the time, but it was clearly just not selling.$199-in-time-for-holidays/


I have a 16GB version and I love it. The interface is unrivaled to any other.
The only fault, for this device, is that apps are terrible but the Playbook should be getting access to android apps this fall.


@yni: re: djp519's, "Recommended only for Blackberry phone users."

A couple of possible reasons. One is that you'll probably be more comfortable using a tablet with the same operating system as the phone that you're familiar with. Windows phone, Windows tablet. Ditto Blackberry, iOS, Android.

Another reason is that the target population for this tablet seems to be corporate customers (that use Blackberrys). Non-business consumers are likely to be disappointed by the small pool of available apps ... but the built-in ability to communicate with Blackberry phones might be enough to overcome that limitation.


@yni: No native email app unless you sync it with your blackberry phone. Also, all the reasons that @ivanivanovich just listed.