dealsthe christmas attic: trans-siberian orchestra…


There's a production of this that occasionally shows up on TV during the holidays, too.


After seeing these guys live multiple times, I can't recommend their music enough. It's great!


@jethroop369: Saw them in San Antonio Christmas 2006. Loved them!


Very high recco for this!

I'm going to see them play The Lost Christmas Eve this afternoon! Saw it last year too, easily one the of the best live shows to see!


I dig their music, but the narrator during their live shows got pretty torturous in my opinion. The show just stalls out when the light show stops, all the music quits, and this James Earl Jones sounding guy goes on a 5 minute cheesy speech about where the angel was going to next. Hoping the albums don't have the narrator break. Not that I can complain too much at $2 anyway.