dealsazio kb528u levetron clicker mechanical keyboard…


The instant sale price is $47.99, which is still less expensive than on NewEgg or through affiliate Amazon stores. The $39.99 reflects the mail in rebate mentioned by the original poster.

I tried to research what kinds of switches were used in this keyboard, and it appears that they may be APC BSW 055WH switches. I'm used to Cherry switches, so that was a bit of a put-off but if you're used to Alps keyboards you may be okay.

Lastly, I hate the shape of the Enter key on this keyboard, so make sure you're comfortable using that keyboard layout before purchasing.

Otherwise a very nice price for a mechanical keyboard, even if the switches aren't top notch.


Not sure I understand what is meant by mechanical switches. All I can think of are the late 80's vintage keyboards with a metallic click with every keystroke which I despised.

But for $10 less without messing with rebates and free shipping through ShopRunner, I purchased another Azio keyboard last month which is much better looking and better suited to my needs: (I don't need the internet access keys, but I hate not having volume controls and a calculator quick key on a keyboard)