dealsapple 32gb ipod touch –current gen (refurbished…


What, no snarky comment about iPods woot?

What about saying that we can have your iPod this time?


Standard questions:
No, they're not refurbished by Apple which is why they have only a 90 day Woot warranty rather than a 1 year Apple warranty. Although the 8GB one I got was fine, some people have reported issues.

Apple sells it at for $249 with free shipping (but will charge sales tax) and a 1 year warranty. (Don't confuse it with cheaper previous generation products.) Whether the 30 bucks off is worth the difference is up to you.


Guys, if you are going to do this, Jailbreak it. It makes it so much better in terms of customization and tweaks. The newest firmware (5.1.1) Is Jailbreakable so there isnt much excuse so long as you MAKE BACKUPS of your files so you can restore them later.


Pardon my ignorance, but what is the purpose of Jailbreaking an iPod? I understand doing so for a iPhone to get a better phone plan...but i am hazy on the benefits of doing so on a iPod Touch.

Please enlighten me =]