dealssamsung 58" plasma tv - model pn58c6500 for $229…


shoot! store pickup only and I live no where near one :( I was definitely going to buy one at that price. do you think they made a mistake? this is an amazing price!!!


@mkdr: There were very similar deals from Frys a few weeks ago posted to deals. I don't see how this is possible. Absurdly low price.


Well, great deal in theory. I have checked every one of their locations, none have this. So I guess this isn't available yet, or an error for something that doesn't exist?

Either way, unless using it to try to get Amazon or someone to price match (yeah, good luck with that), good attempt but not quite a valid deal. Sorry.


I called and this item IS available at this INSANE price... however I live in NH and the nearest store carrying this item to me is in Indiana. Lucky ducks!


@shirleyujest77: That's crazy. I'm on the east coast as well. ROAD TRIP!!!!


This deal is nothing but a load of crap... I just checked every Fry's store in the country and there isn't one available anywhere...
Not even Indiana as was stated in an earlier post!


@eroclee: This so-called "deal" and many other fake Fry's deals have come up over and over and over again.

Probably some low-level Fry's employee being paid to create some buzz for their stores.


Not available within 100 miles of me. Checked 7 stores.anyone know where i can get one in California?


probably just a couple available nation wide.

I used Google maps to check about 24 stores nation wide... using store zip-code and 100 mile radius search. Not a single one in stock


This is a bogus deal. Just because it's posted on their site doesn't mean it exists. They could've just as easily listed this thing as free or be selling loch ness monsters and make it instore only, then make it not available in any store. Personally I don't know what the purpose of this is. It's not going to draw more people to their stores as soon as people see that it's not available in any store around them.




Yes, this is some serious BS because it takes a lot of time to search every store online!


in for 20. going to cover a room on every wall with tv's.

Since it's plasma, should also serve to keep the room nice n toasty in the winter.


called Fry's this morning. While I was on the phone with the guy--the link stopped working-- this deal (that never was) is dead.


@connorbush: Funny, I spent a day chasing this and asking them why their sale links were still up when they had no stock ANYWHERE. All I got were a bunch of "we're sorry but we don't expect any future shipments in" responses, and encouraging me to look at their other products instead. How convenient... lure me to your site with a deal that is too good to be true, then try the old bait and switch. Oldest trick in the book. Too bad chooses to advertise this way.