deals6-pack sailor jerry limited edition lucky zippo…


"Zippo style"

I've never used a knock-off Zippo, so I can't say whether or not they're any good. Just want to make sure everybody knows what they're getting in to.


@rprebel: thanks, almost missed the "style" part!


"style" as in it pretends to be a good lighter but may or not be.
As in Dominos "Italian style pizza" It might look like pizza but it's just a plastic facsimile.


I was going to ask "who really needs 6 of these" but I see they're sold out anyway.


I know they're sold out, but I have one. I didn't realize it wasn't a real Zippo until I read this. Mine still works after five years or better.


@tsfisch: Someone who works as an independent contractor on insurance matters might find 6 of these useful......


Aw, I thought it said 'Zippy Style'.........


Do these come with a Mark McGwire rookie card?


Zippo is worth every penny more. The Zippo-style lighters are awful quality. You'll go through 3 or 4 in a year. Probably end up burning yourself in the process.


@morriea: They were when I made the comment. See also the others who mentioned it.


@tsfisch: I believe you. I was just giving you a heads-up in case you wanted them since you clicked through. It is also for anyone else that happens to see the comment and not try to get them.