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RAM is only 512MB. The specs would be impressive for a phone, but as a tablet, expectations of being able to run 4 apps at once without lag is demanded. 512MB can only go so far.
This is a good find, though. It's great for just general browsing and small gaming, and video streaming.


@bingzhong: I'm not arugeing with you but I'm just curious why would anyone need to run 4 apps at once on a tablet. I have an ipad so yeah I can do that but in the world would I want to? lol I think at most I have use for running at once is 2.

also I should of probably just broken down and posted 2 deals or at least used an & instead of a + but yeah...


Sorry, but your iPhones and iPads don't truly 'multitask'. Read up about it. Androids OS allows for true multitasking, so more RAM = better.


@h29558: I have a Samsung Galaxy and honestly it's not as a good as my ipad or ipod touch. I love android but it just isn't as polished as iOS. But honestly why in the world would you want more than 2 or 3 things open on such a small device. A music player and a game or web browser at most is all i ever do mine for.
I guess if your trying to business or something on it then sure maybe. But then honestly why don't you have a laptop? It would make your life soo much easier. I've seen several laptops posted on here that are better than any tablet and are the same price as some of the $400-$500 tablets

Also whats wrong with putting the apps your not using on pause in the background? How is that any different than me minimizing a window on my Windows 7 PC?

Either way I digress as I stated in the deal "great toy for kids on long car rides or as an e-reader." Which this will be great for. If the kid throws it, drops it, loses it, etc.. guess what your out $73.99 not $350+ for a tab or ipad


This should play movies and games like monopoly, angry birds, etc... wonderfully.