dealsreebok® push-up 360 for $14.99 + shipping


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Just remember with these push-up 360.If you can currently do pushups they are good.If can not do push up (girl or guy),don't waste your money on these!


@markmc27: That's a bit silly, don't you think? I guess people that can't currently run should never buy running shoes because they'd just be wasting their money and they should only ever walk in the future.


Thanks for the code, sandig


I bought a set of these and they didn't work. I actually had to do the push ups.....


Can't find many reviews for these anywhere. One here or there but not enough to get a real feel for them.


I find push up bars are sufficient in adding range of motion. These are supposed to minimize strain on the wrist, but I've heard that you can actually end putting more strain on the wrist as your wrist has to stay strong and support your weight through the rotation.


@zuiquan: That's not a fair comparison. I agree with markmc27. I would not buy the Push-Up 360 if I couldn't do a regular push-up with perfect form. It would be like a novice runner buying ankle and wrist weights.


@arkon1826: I have issues trusting any product/service that only has one perfect review. Might be legit but I prefer a good amount of reviews to get a real feel for a product.


@jesterfx: If it were off a (profanity) website I'd agree, but this is Amazon. Personally, I've used them, and they work really well. Some products that are similar don't glide as well, which is why some people complain about wrist issues. These glide really well so it's more about form, and less about fighting against the product.