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If you need a decent/basic 2.1 set of speakers in this price range, you can't do much better. They're nice to use with LCD's that come with crappy built in speakers at least.


I got these about two years ago, they broke down after about a couple weeks. Definitely not worth the buy.


Bought this same set I believe a few weeks ago. Left speaker doesn't work 90% of the time.


@lichme: Verified the problem. I'll report it.


@lancerc07: Ditto. I have an older set. The sub enclosure is a different style, but the satellite speakers are the same. The volume control wore out and produces a lot of static and will drop a speaker, left or right if it hits a certain position.

These are junk. Save your shekels and by a decent Bose set.


I bought these via the woot offer a week or so ago. Pretty disappointed with them.


I have a set of Cyber Acoustics that are really nice, but they are not this model. Not all CA stuff is bad, but this seems to be not the best.


run, don't walk away from this can find some decent speakers in this range for about 40-50$ and the price difference is WAY worth it.

However, if you enjoy that mass static sounds as you turn the voulume up or down, then these are the jobs for you!

I found a pair of Altech Lansing speakers that are better than this at the local thrift shop. One adaptor ($5) plus one set of slightly used speakers ($8) equal way better sound system than this offering.

Good luck out there; and remember Woot is like family, we may run parts of its offerings down, but we still love the ole' geezer


I was just about to buy these since other similar models were rated well on Amazon. Thank you for the comments, pretty sure you guys saved me some disappointment