dealsflip-pal scanner w/ dcs 3.0 (new) for $119.99…


Seems kind of expensive for a mini scanner


You can buy a very nice HP all-in-one for <$200. I'm not sure why you'd buy a dedicated mini-scanner for $130.


The only reason you want this scanner is if you need a portable scanning device. You can take this to the library and scan book passages. You can scan grandma's photo album.

It's not a replacement for a full size scanner or AIO printer or camera. It doesn't have the best dpi imaging (600 max I think).

I love mine. I use it for receipts, antique books, biz cards, old photographs and for documents that are too old and fragile to take out of protective covers.


Here is one I found at Staples.
This seems expensive for what you get. Does it have some special software bundled with it? What gives?


That's an all in one printer. It's not comparable at all. This weighs maybe a pound. That weighs over 13. Try putting that in your pocket.


does anybody really scan anything anymore. I assume move of the sheeple here have smart phones. Ever consider just taking a pic of what you want to scan. Same process just with something that you already own and are paying for. Pretty simple, huh