deals$10 off on roku 2 xd & xs for valentine's day…


Just want to say if you own an XBOX, it does everything the ROKU does. I bought one and returned it a day after, because my XBOX has everything this has


@rpizzle: Not everyone has or wants an Xbox.


A xbox uses 100 times the electricity, just turning the xbox on for half an hour uses 5 bucks of electricity. not to mention the big screen tv.


@rpizzle: Try putting a xbox controller in your mom's hand when she comes over to visit and see how well that goes over.


@rpizzle: the roku has way more functionality at a fraction of the cost of an xbox, plus you have to pay for Xbox live to on top of the supscriptions to hulu plus/netflix etc in order to use it...soo uhhh yeahh


@bsingle40: I don't know where you got your statistics but over the last month I've been laid up and played near 6 hours of xbox a day with netflix or video games. By your figures my electricity bill will be around $1800 this month. And that's just from my xbox. Seem realistic? Didn't think so.


oh Roku, when will you support AVI?!


@jjj611: I don't know who your electric company is, but I'm jealous. I was playing Xbox the other day when I got an emergency phone call from my granny, so I rushed over there only to discover that it was a prank. Not being able to stay mad at such a sweet old woman, I stayed and visited for a few hours and when I got home, I realized my Xbox had been on the whole time. My electric bill was so big, I had to take out a second mortgage on my house. @bsingle40 is absolutely right. Those Xbox's eat power like it was going out of style.


I have Roku for a few years now and it is top notch!

I am also the owner of WD Media Player, Xbox, wii, android tablets devices, apple, Vizio Internet TV and no doubt the roku is the simplest,most reliable device I have used.

Only thing I would add is actually being able to input some feedback on viewing choices instead of just 1-5 stars. However that is on all of them.


Yeah, my Roku caught on fire in less than 30 days in home. Then the real fun started - I tried to get it replaced under warranty. Their horrible outsourced customer service wanted me to plug it back in for troubleshooting, which I of course refused (BECAUSE IT CAUGHT ON FIRE!). Needless to say, they didn't replace it. I wouldn't recommend Roku, now or ever.


I am really interested in getting one of these, especially at this price. My XBOX has been great, but we never play it anymore, and it costs the extra $50 or whatever for Live.

Question on this is, in addition to the subscription stuff like Netflix, is there free streaming content as well? I also was wondering if ESPN3 is available on it. Have that on the XBOX and not sure I could live without it.


Can I use this to stream content from my computer?

Mostly have used my PS3 for that in the past but there are some things it won't play ;)


@jesterfx: Yep. Plex is a pretty good solution for this that I currently use.

Edit: I should's still going to be picky about how your videos are encoded, probably just like your it might not be a viable solution to your issues!


@jesterfx: I just wanted to add that as @nosty said, Plex is a great solution and if you use their beta channel and your computer is powerful enough all of your media should transcode and play fine.


@chrispiss1186: I have owned a Roku since this summer and I LOVE it. I also love the $100 a month I save by only keeping basic cable. Yes there is free streaming. Plenty of it. Check out the listing of all channels


Roku caught fire?! Mmm okay....did you have it plugged into a surge protector maybe?! Have you had the wiring checked in your house? Sometimes I think people make this stuff up because they work for competitors. I've had 2 Roku's for sometime and they work great. There are a lot more channels for it then just Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Here are four useful channel links:,,, and . There is some overlap on these links but should help you acquire many more stations. Plenty of free channels although I do use Netflix on it.


@stone11375: Thanks! Think I'm gonna jump on this. Won't save much on cable since we only subscribe to limited cable, but this will eliminate the need for Xbox Live. If only Roku had a DVD player built in, I'd get rid of the Xbox altogether.


@hkwootme: I don't work for a Roku competitor. I'm just someone who bought a Roku from Woot and had a really bad experience. American Express actually ended up refunding me with their extended warranty.