dealsset of 35: emergency mylar thermal blankets for…


so so deal. I feel the Amazon one listed below is a much better deal.

(10) blankets for $6.60 and if you order 4 packs you get free shipping (orders over $25) end result...(40) Blankets for $26.40


@blt65toth: lol the label says 'Emergengy' Also, the Dizbee blankets are 54"x84" while the Amazon ones are 52"x84". Maybe that 2" makes a difference, but IMO anything under $.99/ea. delivered is a good deal.


I was thinking about getting some packs of these to hand out to homeless people next winter. If I had Amazon Prime I'd definitely get a couple of those packs. But $25 is more than I am up for at the moment. Maybe I could find another $12 of other super saver stuff I need on Amazon. Have to think about my shopping list.


@moondrake: I think actual blankets would be more useful for the homeless as they last much longer. These will keep them warm for a night, maybe two, and then end up as litter. Perhaps you can check thrift stores for used blankets.


Combine with Mylar tape and hide all the scissors for the most entertaining Christmas morning video ever.


@blt65toth: Plus this is Amazon's regular price, so technically this woot deal is absolute garbage and should never even be considered.