dealshalf wizard sampler + lighter for $20.00 + $4.95…


$2.50 a cigar-shipped and a free lighter, It rarely gets better than this...


I just bought this deal, I figure for 25 bucks you really cant go wrong


Haven't had any of those cigars but I love the lighter and love CI's site. Even if these don't turn out to be favorites $25 for ten plus an awesome lighter is still a great deal. Protip: if you order their daily deal you get free shipping on your entire order.


A word of caution – fill these lighters with higher quality clean fuel. I have tried filling them with the gas station Bronson refill cans and they never work properly. Other than that, seems like a good deal


I don't smoke but i enjoy lighters. If the lighter was to be bought separately, it would be $50. Great deal!


@conanthelibrarian: I'll take the smokes! I'll even pay for shipping ;)


I'm not sure if my order was fully processed. Problem with reciept ? It wouldn't redirect to PayPal?


@heron: Had no problem although I did get redirected back to CI to fill in the shipping/billing info since it doesn't pull it from PayPal directly. Picked up a box of 200 Hoya Excaliber cigarillos for my husband for under $100 as well.


Had a five buck gift card from paypal, so this was a no brainer.


Not just for new customers. I have ordered here before and my order went through as advertised.


Be aware that the lighter doesn't come filled, so order some butane along with the deal to save yourself some hassle if you don't already have any!


Buy this...

...and this

Or better yet - go to your local cigar shop and tell them you want two stogies and their cheapest lighter - and you have $25 to spend. Don't buy discounted samplers. I've made the mistake one too many times.


@heron: Mine brought me back to the address/cc field and said "To continue placing your order, please verify the shipping information below. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you feel you have reached this message in error, please contact customer service."

...but, I had a confirmation receipt in my email saying that the order went through.

Hope that helps


@rdnkjdi: I'm a pretty heavy cigar smoker and I have never been disappointed with CI's sampler deals.

Are they the greatest cigars, no. Is there value in the deal, hell yes.

Go to your local cigar shop and just try and buy 10 cigars and a lighter for $25 and then you will find disappointment. You'll get a bic lighter and some White Owls.


@plex49: First, I agree with trying to get TEN stogies for $20 @ your local cigar shop. Second - I disagree with the hypothesis that $20 for a ten cigar sampler is going to be more enjoyable than $20 on five decent to good cigars (

Of course....I speak from experience - I still have 15 Patel Cuban Blend that are absolutely aweful. I'd trade 'em all for a Feral Flying Pig....


lighter is valued at $50, is worth it alone for this deal


@rdnkjdi I don't know where you're coming from, but I know a few of those blends in the half wizard. The Fernandez toro is awesome, the G2 Turbo as well. And the Nica Libre, to my palette, is almost indistinguishable from padron. Of course cigars are a subjective item, so to each their own.

The lighter is great, it has two different punch cutters built in, I personally had one until I lost it.


this is 170 dollars normally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like a nice lighter and trying new cigars. Grabbed one and sending one to a friend for his birthday.