dealsinflatable buffet & drink cooler for $4.99 + free…


This thing is okay...but it's not the OMG kinda thing you might expect. It's basically a rectangular-shaped blow-up kiddie pool that's too small to use as such, but it probably does what's advertised. I got one, but I haven't used it yet. The cool looking stand it sits on is NOT included! Go ahead and get one if you think you can use it, just don't expect to be "wowed".


@bcervera: Too late, I'm not only "wowed," I'm Shamwowed.


Weird... for me the price is the exact opposite. The item itself is free while the shipping is $4.99.


@cooltommy: Please refer to the very last line of my posting:

"Will show up as free with $4.99 shipping."

If you post a deal as FREE, DW doesn't like it.