dealsmax payne 3 xbox 360 game for $9.99 + freeā€¦


Solid game. I'm currently playing through it now and I'm about 60% of the way through. At times the game can be redundant. But, the storyline is fantastic. For 10 bucks this should be bought by all shooter fans who like story mode games.


@tkuhoh: I was not a fan of this game. It felt like a game from the early 2000's. It felt like the first Max Payne. The ending is so obvious and disappointing, the game doesn't let you explore the environments they created much (you lose if you take too long), and the main character is the dumbest and most depressing main character I've seen in a videogame. If you want to play it, this is a good deal but there are many more games that are so much better like Sleeping Dogs. If you have a PS3, the Uncharted series blows this game away, and The Last of Us is simply amazing.