dealspreorder: pokemon - white version for $34.99


This is quite a good deal. I will be directing a friend to this.

Do know that if you a College student you can get a free year or Prime. :)


Black is available too for the same price


As this is the regular price and there is no Release Date delivery (it comes out on a Sunday) and the fact that you can get the Liberty Pass from the WiFi connection and the fact that TRU has had a sale for every new Pokemon release since Red and Green came out, I would wait (unless you are an Amazon fan and don't mind spending more money than you have to).

I carry my DS with me everywhere and I have at least 6 Pokemon games with me at all times (yes, I am a fanatic but I love my Squirtle)


how is this a deal? same price as everywhere else sans tax. I paid that much at gamestop and i'll get it the day it comes out


What interests me is that the image above is actually for Pokemon Black when the title says "White"

(yes I am aware that the deal is actually for both versions, but cmon people, consistency!)


You can also get four months of Prime through the Amazon Mom program - for every $25 you spend on qualifying baby/kid purchases you receive another month of Prime, free.


@cortes121: yes, prime is awesome

figured that out last september, and havent looked back....