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Is it really all that amazing when its practically the same price on Amazon? (who I'm inclined to trust more)


I picked up a set of these at Amazon last month. Be warned, although they will read at 40MB/sec, not all cameras recognize them as Class 10. My Panasonics didn't like them and would only record in their lower-quality mode.


I have a couple of these that I use in my tablets. Speed, reliability, etc are all very good. As mentioned above, Amazon has it for $20.37, but that also might be a sale price as the Amazon deal have been posted on other deal sites last week. I would go with Amazon as others have posted/mentioned problems with Meritline in the past, including myself that a product almost took almost 3 weeks to receive because they're U.S. warehouse ran out of stock and it had to be shipped from China (and never told me).

Edit: I found the email from my order of these two same cards and I bought them when they were on sale for $24.95 each in May. Currently and normally $35.88.


@jsfs: I dont get 40MB speeds either, 32MB is the highest I've tested with this one. But Class 10 just guarantees you get a minimum of 10 MByte/sec. Not sure why your camera isnt seeing it as a Class 10, but if you're getting less than 10 MBs, I would return them for a refund. If you want fast, Lexar makes a 60MBs SDHC card that professional photographers recommend on almost all photography sites (excellent with DSLR cameras).