dealslogitech wireless solar keyboard k750 (dented box…


Woot keeps filtering the coupon wrong its

logi _ outlet _ 1111

remove the spaces.


every dented box item I've ordered from logitech has not had any dents... looks mint condition when they arrive.


@kamikazeken: Nice to know :)

I have this keyboard, bought it at BB when my last keyboard up and died.

I personally love this keyboard! I pick up and move mine a lot in the course of the day, and its rather light. Never had any signal problems as well.

Holds a good charge, usually the blinds open or the light on here and there is enough to keep it going.

I paid $79.99 for mine.


The video cracks me up

Very cool. Works with any light source. I hate when the batteries die in my keyboard in the middle of a game and I have to hunt around.


I have this keyboard, and I would highly recommend it. I'm thinking about buying a second one.

It has never said anything below 100% battery remaining, its slim and very light. I accidentally dropped it and a key popped off, but it popped right back in and had no other damage.

Not to mention this is a great price, I got it on a great sale from B&H for $55.


What good is a solar powered keyboard to me when I never venture out into the light of that evil and scary world. I live with my dog Precious in the dark, damp basement of my parents' house toiling away on my computer "talking" with all my friends..."Precious?"...