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@speedfreek38: Thanks. I usually look for coupons, but it was such a bargain already that I forgot!!! Where did you find the coupon code?


For the SKIL Flashlights!!!!!!


In for 4 - thanks for the code!!!


I bought these in the past and wound up fixing things that stopped working years ago but didn't seem worth the time or money to fix (e.g., an old pocket calculator, two inexpensive watches, a Sharp schedule keeper, etc. etc. I am now using those items and/or gave them to kids. Then my wife's every day watch stopped working and I fixed it while she got ready to go to the mall to get it fixed (they charged $15.95 the last time). I have never made a more economical purchase :-)


Dead! Sux, 'cause I was in for 1 no doubt.


@msgarmar: I was surprised to see that this deal was dead, because I have never seen that happen at this site before. Most daily deal sites will expire a deal w/in 24 hours, but as long as you have the link to item at this site you can purchase an item weeks later. I've done it more than once. I'm glad that I didn't hesitate.


@sweetpea113377: Hey Sweetpea, I usually google the website, adding "coupon code" to the search. Then dozens pop up, try one and if it don't work, go to the next. I got $20 offa Omaha SteakBurgers last week doing that.(they arrived today, can't wait to get home!!) Almost always get free shipping, etc. I usually won't get anything unless I find a %off or free ship. Keeps me grounded...
Good luck!

P.S. this was hard to find to reply, since the deal died almost immediately.