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Looks like a really good player for $100.


I REFUSE to buy anything Sony from now on, so good deal, but TERRIBLE company.


Wewt! Just got it. Not sure why I got charged tax. Does sony even have stores?


Comes out to $42.39 for me with tax. This player is not 3D compatible and you have to buy a separate wi-fi adapter if you want to stream videos wirelessly. Remember, you get what you pay for.


Do you need an HD TV to use this? The first footnote does say "Requires compatible HDTV and HDMI® cable sold sep.", but I'm not sure if that means the picture quality will not be as good with a non-HD TV or if you can't use it at all. Also, does anybody know what the warranty on this is? I have not had good luck with refurbished items lately.


Got one a month ago for about the same price, refurb, from a seller on eBay. Nice model, good pic, an almost overwhelming number of Internet options. Got this mainly for the Netflix option, but it does NOT support subtitles/closed captioning there, so that really sucks for me (I'm half deaf). And the non-wifi is a pain, as I already have my Internet cable going to my Airport Express... which doesn't have another Ethernet cable out. So I have to choose between either Internet or Netflix... Sigh...

Still, a good box, and a definite deal for a bluray at this price.


by the way here's the fine print

1. Requires compatible HDTV and HDMI® cable sold sep.

2. Broadband speed of at least 2.5 Mbps recommended (10 Mbps for HD). Content subject to change and may require fees.

3. Requires HDTV with equivalent display and HDMI® cable sold sep.

4. Requires HDMI® cable and LPCM capable receiver.
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doesn't give me a place to put in the promo code, even after i created an account with Sony...anyone see it anywhere?


Once you create account and choose checkout you'll get to the screen where you choose the payment/shipping method. That's where you will find the discount code box and yes it works. Awesome deal.


This deal has been used the max number of times and is now EXPIRED.


This deal is live again. :-)