dealsstar wars: the original trilogy (episodes iv - vi…


What do you mean by "Original Trilogy?" There were only three Star Wars movies ever made. Right? I don't care, let me live in my own little world.


I hate the new krayt dragon call. Hate it.


Is it possible to buy them without all of the added crap?
The original originals?


@breaddrink: George Lucas has stated repeatedly, on record, that he doesn't give a damn about fans wanting the original versions since "it's his movie and he'll do with it what he damn pleases" (paraphrased, but that was the sentiment). So, unfortunately, I wouldn't hold my breath. Maybe after he dies, someone will release the originals.


May the 4th be with you!

With that being said, they should drop the price a little more


@mithr: I still have the originals and intend to keep them just because.


@mithr: So be it. George can refuse to release the superior cuts and I can refuse to buy his films. There are plenty of other good Blu-rays for me to drop my cash on.