dealswusthof kitchen essentials 6-piece set ($139.99…


We have this set at home. The knife and scissors alone would be a great deal at this price. Now, if the cleaning lady hadn't stolen our 8" knife, I'd have my full set.


@jeffrjohn: She was probably mad because you were out of Lemon Pledge.


Site says the item is now discontinued.


@jeffrjohn: Apparently your cleaning lady got ahold of the ones on this site, too. They're all gone.


This is stamped steel, not forged. Not high quality.


@thomasr: Being forged is not an indication of quality.

Here's a cheap forged knife:

Here's a very good knife cut from sheet steel (and it isn't full tang):
Is it your contention that the Farberware knife is better than the Global because it is forged and has a full tang?

There was a time, maybe thirty or forty years ago, when those were good rules of thumb. Now they are just marketing terms for German knife manufacturers.