dealsduracell aa batteries (40-pack) for $14.94 + freeā€¦


How is this free shipping if I'm paying $3.99 for shipping?


No not, repeat DO NOT, order anything from this company. Bait and switchers, they send the wrong items and will not respond to any form of communication. Only way I got my money back was through PayPal, and that meant I had to pay to ship the wrong item BACK to Midnight Thieves.

Again, DO NOT order from this place.


@wrestlingterp: Thanks for the heads up. I hate companies that do this. Something you can do that causes a little more heat than a BBB complaint. Turn them in to your and their state attorney general. BTW, I was getting ready to bite on this until I read your post. Thanks!


@charliecarroll: Ditto. I was ready to buy as well. Thanks for the warning!


I got this deal a couple months ago. What I received was a cardboard box with 40 misc batteries tossed inside. Duracell, energizer & Duracell ultra. A couple dead ones even. I would not recommend this deal.


Not to mention that it averages out to about 38 cents per battery. There are better deals out there...


Please save yourself some money and just buy rechargeable batteries. I order these last time it came around and I got 40 Duracell batteries dated 2011. I have had several of them leak and cause a big mess in the toys I put them in. This also becomes a hazard for your children.


thx 4 rev's -- I need AA but not here


ok wow lol......first, @gga1759: sorry for putting the cost and shipping cost together in the title and saying it's "free shipping"...just slapped my wrist...secondly, I guess for all the bad reviews/complaints on this site I guess I've had the only good experience (albeit only purchased two things: pressure cooker and a similar deal to this except 40 AAA Duracell batteries, If I could I would post pics of what it looked liked) and lastly, if there is a better deal on batteries that you can find by all means post it up because I use these to be put in school calculators for teachers and they work great so @tcayer: if you can find the deal or deals please post.......thanks


Trusted company or not, the deal has sold out. Probably for the best.