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Are these for real? Amazon has these for $120. Any one deal with this site before?


@ichigodiafuku: It's a mixed bag with this site. I've never had a problem, but some others have. Slow shipping is the usual complaint.


Note that these are NOT Egyptian cotton....they are Egyptian comfort. Synthetic my guess. I bought one of these sets off a deal site a while ago and they are the worst sheets I've ever owned. So slippery that they don't stay on the bed.

Granted it was not these specific sheets, and not from this site....but BUYER BEWARE.


I was shocked at the price as well. Awesome deal.

As for the company, I purchased an RC Helicopter from them around Christmas, that was new, but DOA. They refunded my purchase price and shipping -- both ways. My personal experience says I would buy from them again.


Microfiber == Polyester, or some other manmade mixture
That's why the price is right. If it were Egyptian Cotton* it would be a different story. Not like there's anything wrong with 'micro fiber'
My skin feels better against cotton, not poly


I have these (or, at least extremely similar that I purchased from another sale-a-day site), and they are quite nice. The downside to this sale (compared to what I bought) is that these only come with two pillowcases for a King/Queen/Full sized bed, which will cover about half of the pillows on my queen sized bed.

As far as Daily Steals goes, I have bought a few times from them before. They don't ship very fast, but I have always gotten my items and it never took TOO long.

As @subrec said, these aren't Egyptian cotton, but the synthetic (at least on mine) is very comfortable. They are slick, but I've never had the sheets pulled off the bed unless they were on there for longer than I intended to go between changing the sheets out. They are deep-pocket sheets (like mine) so that should also help keep them from pulling off of the bed.

For $25+shipping, this is a pretty awesome deal (outside of needing another set of pillowcases).


Was tempted until I saw it was from Daily Steals. I've made 3 purchases from them:

1) a Sierra Wireless aircard, which when I tried to register it I discovered that it had been registered three months prior and the manufacturer would not honor the full warranty term;

2) a Matchbox track set for my kiddo, which they chose to substitute with a completely different set;

and 3) a pair of earbud sets, which again came in torn packaging and were USED. Yuck!

They apparently sell customer returns or demo sets. The shipping packaging was always very minimal and filthy/damaged when it arrived (strange how my other packages usually don't arrive that way). And yes, the shipping was SLOOOOOW. Customer service via email was slow; they said they would exchange (the aircard) upon receipt with shipping at my expense.

So fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you, Daily Steals. Fool me three times...well I guess I was just an idiot.


I recently bought a 16GB microsd card from them that was to have been Sandisk. Turns out it was generic. So they emailed folks that they could either send back the cards or get an $8 coupon code to use on their site. I chose the latter. Went to use the code they sent me yesterday & discovered there is no place to put in a code! I sent them an email right away (about 24 hours ago) and haven't yet got a reply.


@pamfenway: @pamfenway: I received the generic, and opted for my money back. I have to return the one I have (postage paid), and hope I get the money back.

Now this seems like a great deal. Do they ship from Egypt?


@pamfenway: The codes they sent for this aren't valid until Feb. 8th. It says so in the original email they sent that gave you the choice.

They will be changing their website to allow for the coupon code entries.


Daily Steals = Steals your money. Bought from them twice, NEVER again...the first time you dismiss it and say o, this couldn't possibly happen again...and then you order again, and IT DOES.

Save your somewhere else.


I have purchased 5 items from dailysteals. An ipad case, telephone headset, accessories for my wii,webcam and these sheets. The shipping was slow. I just got the sheets today that I ordered them on 1/29. But over all I have be pleased with my purchases. They all arrived in good condition, they were new and a good deal. I like this site.


Mine are not expected to arrive until 2/13. That is a long time. Not a big deal -- not a mission-critical item.


@subrec: THIS! These aren't Egyptian Cotton. I bought two sets from DailySteals and they're horrible. Might as well wrap your bed in plastic wrap...


These sheets are a rip-off altho I see them advertised for over $100. I surely hope no one paid that much. I have owned 800 & 900 TC Egyptian cotton sheets so I know my TC. Totally misrepresentation and will think twice before buying thru Woot again.



I just received two sets of these sheets, and while the price is decent, I have now realized that you just can't buy sheets online. There is NO WAY that these are 1600 thread count because you can see right through them. The pockets are way too shallow and the feel is horrible. Steer away from these sheets!

I always wash my sheets right away and added a TON of fabric softener to no avail. Oh, and they're not wrinkle free, not even wrinkle resistant. Followed the care instructions and removed them immediately from the dryer. Slept on them one night and they're going in the trash.

I wish that I wouldn't have washed BOTH sets or else I would have returned the other.