dealsdie hard: 25th anniversary collection [blu-ray…


I find myself inspired to go hunting for a anniversary edition of just the first movie. You couldn't may ME to watch the sequels again.


@neohemp: Thanks, just placed my order through Best Buy!


Of course these are cheap. They are selling them before people realize they would rather have the 5 movie set coming out next year. Sort of like those 4, 5, or 6 movie "complete" Harry Potter sets.


Getting rid of all the stock before the new movie, kind of like all deals I see for "The Complete Superman Collection."


Since the only difference between this and the previous set is the bonus disc, Live Free or Die Hard is still just the theatrical, PG-13 version. The unrated version has not been released on Blu-ray.


@rayray8822: Only if they reprinted the fronts of the disks. They appear to be a matched set for this release.


@neohemp: I can only find it for $40 ($39.99) at BB. A link perhaps?

If it's gone, maybe try this: [url=]Alternate Die Hard deal[/url]


@whitewind: Sorry for the crappy formatting...and I can't edit it to improve/fix it.


Do you have the Best Buy link? I'm only seeing it for $40 online. BB is doing their $5 Blu-ray upgrade, which makes the set $15 if it's still on sale for $20.