dealslogitech joystick - for ipad and android tablets…


5 bucks on Amazon if you don't like to deal with rebates.


@dfranek: If you are referring to this one:

That also requires $8.02 in shipping unless you have prime or pad your order over $25.

Several companies sell this on Amazon. You can get a list of all your choices here:


Oh man, this is the Half-way solution to pad games. I love my S3, and I love me some ZSNES harvestmoon, but the controls are terrible on any pad.

What I really need is a wired/bluetooth game controller


@keister: I use my PS3 bluetooth controller on my Android tablet. It does require you install sixaxis to translate the proprietary protocols used in the controller but it works great.


I got one, and unfortunately, in a lot of games, the range of the joystick leaves me unable to run at full speed.


Thanks for the tip, @shyguy91284. I had never seen this item before, and was wondering how well it actually works.