deals$5 amazon instant video linking offer for $0.00


Curse you for beating me! Good find!


@gideonfrost: I had the same thing happen to me last night with the Bestbuy free movie download.


@eeekdageek: Its a pain isn't it being beaten. Though I think the worst is when you see a deal and think nah that won't fly and then someone else posts it and it becomes the deal of the day. This is really off topic though.

The deal makes me extra sad because I have 2 roku boxes and a google tv box already registered with Amazon so no free Credit for me.


@gideonfrost: Yup it happens all too often

Too bad on getting the credit maybe, someone will find a loophole


Good deal. I just wish Amazon streaming were available on my blu-ray/netflix/dvd player (PS3). I'd also settle for 360. On a side note, the only way I've been able to watch Amazon Instant Video on 360 is by waiting for it to download completely to a PC and through Windows Media Player. Hardly instant. But I won't let my personal goals of trying to consolidate my entertainment center get in the way of a good deal. Woot!


DEAD. Not one coupon is stackable, some are invalid.


@gideonfrost: can you deregister your device on your amazon account and then reregister for credit?


I did this a while back when I got my Roku and never received the credit. Good luck.


Has anyone tried linking the Kindle Fire app running on a tablet or phone?


@xyzkill3r: Ditto. I JUST registered my Roku like a week ago. Can I deregister/register?


This limited-time offer expires on March 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. PST and is available solely to US residents who register an Amazon Instant Video-compatible Vizio HDTV, Samsung HDTV, Panasonic HDTV and Blu-ray player, or Roku streaming player with Amazon Instant Video for the first time between January 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012.

It seems that if you registered after January 1,2011, you should get the credit....

What about all the Sony people....we don't get the credit. :(


@jamaldaher: what Sony device do you have? I just ordered tv box top and was wondering how you like it?


Unregistered my Roku then re-registered and got my $5.


Yeah, I got a Sony BluRay player that shows Amazon video as an option. So this sucks...


@eeekdageek: I got the Sony BDP-S580. The first one they sent me, the remote control didn't work. The player was great. However, Sony support would not send me a replacement remote unless I sent the whole unit back. I thought it would be easier to get replacement from amazon, which I believe was.

I like the player though. Some reviews said it had networking issues. I had to install 9 updates when I connected to the internet (maybe those were network fixes?). Works fine for me, streaming HD content fine. Blu rays load fast and look good. Haven't tried 3d yet. Hope to soon.