dealsadvance auto parts oil change kit: scott shop…


It's a come-on. One of the items is wired as "pickup in store only". A roll of paper towels? Really? This makes the entire order invalid since it can't be shipped. Removing the paper towels reverts the prices to the undiscounted ones. Pass.


It's still a deal for others, even if you don't personally want to go pick it up in person.


@commodog: a) it's a bogus constraint meant to get you into the store. b) there is no Advance Auto near me. Otherwise how do you explain their ability to ship everything except the paper towels?


I've never understood the drain pan thing. There aren't storm drains you can park over in everyone else's cities, like mine?


You can only use the storm drains on earth day. It's a small sacrifice but hey we gotta save the earth


@pleepleus: i usually just pull out directly on the reef and open the plug