dealsacer aspire ultrabook for $549.99


Hears an article giving a comparison vs mac air

Here is a newegg video giving you an in-depth review of the system

Here is the PCWORLD article where I cited the 3 out of 5 star rating from


Price keeps going down, started from 559, now 529. Not selling well?

yni yni

Generally what happens is the same issue Woot sometimes has. At the time of submission they are the lowest price for that day. Hours go on and another site takes their sweet time to update and when they do it turns out they will meet the price currently listed. To ensure they are the absolute lowest they then have to go back and lower the price. Kind of like how Woot is having to deal with this as a problem more and more here lately. Like on Friday with that 64gb centon SDCARD was offered first for 39.99 and just a few hours later they had to lower it to 34.99 and refund those that had already purchased it. I just wonder how long any site can deal with this kind of price cutting -- at what point does it become not even worth the bother?