dealswhen we left earth: the nasa missions (limited…


We have this set; it's very good! This price is good for what you get.


Bought my father the Bluray of this a few years ago and he really enjoyed it. If you have interest in the history of the space program and the evolution of the technology you will really like this. Gives a great overview and video clips of the history of NASA.


Got this on a discount rack about a year and a half ago for $20 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. When I was at KSC for the final Endeavor launch, the gift shop had it for $70 there. This is a good deal for fellow space junkies.


Added to my Netflix streaming queue instead.

Discovery Channel docs tend to be bloated (after every commercial break, a recap of the show so far) and lowest-common-denominator-ized, so even at this price, I'd rather play it safe with the version I "already own." (No bonus footage, but still.)


That's a great price! I watched this last year on Netflix and was waiting for a sale like this to buy a copy for my dad. Well worth this price.