deals12 kerr mason jars for $9.99


You can also do in-store pickup to save on shipping. I have a kmart that is only about 1 mile from me, so that works out.


"You could keep your weed in there."


Inquiring minds want to know:

Will my moonshine taste just as good in these as in a Ball jar?

But seriously, is there any real difference between Ball, Kerr and Atlas jars?

/I grew up around and use Ball jars.


@msmetz: I use these Kerr jars with Ball lids and bands when I make batches of my Apple Pie. They work great, no different as far as I can tell.

$9.99 is usually what these go for at Fry's Foods when they are on sale(usually once a month or so). So it is a good deal if you do the instore pickup but I wouldn't do it if you need to pay shipping.

Sorry I have something against self promoters unless its a substantial discount.