deals12-pack: iphone ipod 3 foot usb data sync cable…


hahahaha.... I bet you anything that they aren't compatible with the iphone 5 which is why they are trying to dump them here. Just wait a bit longer and they will be around 50 cents each.


These things are $0.50 a pop, in a 6-pack, with Free Shipping over at 1SaleADay's Alternative Site (Ben's Outlet):
Just add to cart and then enter code: MARCHMADNESS
Checkout and repeat if you want to get a dozen.

@vistasting13: You called it! But I think that the price drop is not so much attributable to the fact that they are not compatible with the iPhone 5, as it is that ALL of the cables are poorly made (including those actually sold my Apple), and now the market has been flooded with them. So people are now seeing prices that more accurately reflect the cost of these cheap little wires.


I bought these once before and they are not worth it. I get an error that there is not enough power to charge my iPod and iPad when charging from a pc. I've tried a few differnet pc's too.


Soon to be cables for devices from 2 generations ago. Someone is doing an inventory dump...

@vistasting13: What gave it away the 30 pin connector instead of the lightening coonector? You truely are a master of the painfully obvious, be proud.


@luvche21: So you can get one that works. :-D


"+ shipping"

PUT THE SHIPPING IN THE AD. Like everyone else. I hate that crap.