dealswd elements ext. hard drive & total defenseā€¦


Have anybody used these rebates? It seems confusing to me - can anybody explain what I should do if I purchase this


@wickedme91: Place order, once you receive the products, you send in the rebates with a copy of the receipt.


Total Defense is not a well known security bundle. I don't know how it's going to perform. Rebates are not always a sure thing. They get turned down for strange reasons even if you send correct documentation or you just never get it.


Tigerdirect and rebates, a bad idea. You'll be lucky to get paid back.


That $20 rebate is valid for 4/23 - 4/26, and it's now 4/27. :-/


A bit misleading. These kind of deals should include the word "rebate" in the header.


Note the following notice on the rebate: "Restrictions Apply. NOTICE: A subscription must be activated at time of rebate redemption."


Bad deal. Not just a rebate, but also requires a subscription. And while you can cancel at any time, they check the status of your subscription before issuing the rebate. So 8-12 weeks later, AFTER you've been paying for the service, they check the subscription to ensure it's valid before mailing you a prepaid card.


"- $70.00
Ends 04/30/2013. See Terms. Restrictions Apply. NOTICE: A subscription must be activated at time of rebate redemption."


@nrduncan: You are not paying for the subscription, subscription is already included for one full year, so "8-12 weeks to get the rebate" will not cost you anything extra, all you have to do is activate the one year subscription already included with this purchase. Providing credit card information is a way to verify your information & keeps resellers away. Cancel anytime within the one year already included & you will not be charged anything. It is not that complicated.


@goodeggray: @darksoul13: @nrduncan: I have made these purchases before at, and always got checks back after sending in the proper documentation.


@queesy: @nrduncan: @billfrugge: @doclumas: @wiseguy316: That was clearly specified in my description of the item.