dealssierra trading post - extra 35% off with code


Wait....ohcheri posting a Sierra Trading Post deal??.....Mind = Blown ;)


Definitely a good deal. But there intimate apparel section is a bit limited.


@hottubrf: I think you mean their. :facepalm:


I am highly amused. I'm also sick, sad and disgusted, but still amused.
So, you're being booted because you didn't use the right (wrong) tags?
But if you use the right (wrong) tags you still get booted?
You also got booted for being so popular you got high points in Popular Flow?
Or, as a long term respectable retailer someone else wanted you to retail other products.
Or just not compete with theirs.

Still here you are.
"Sierra Trading Post"
"8" votes at this writing- and still you get 3 haters.
Must be a rat wing knee jerk thang.

But shazbat! I gotta go look for you elseware.
Not here.


@gidgaf: Great commentary...
Woot can say goodbye to the ads for Victoria's secret and other underwear makers that used to show up with each Ohcheri Deal...
No deals = no Ads...


@hobbitss: I always had to laugh when I would see some of the images that would appear with those ads...waaay more risque than anything I would post. But money talks.