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Reviews of this software talk about a free version that has a 5-minute conversion limit and nag streens.

Is the linked product a complete unlocked version, or is it the crippled 5-minute version?


a second listing (posted about 90 minutes later) also mentions this deal with added details:


Only 3 steps required to free get this gift (originally $49.95): free download – share – get code. Valid before Apr.7

See here:

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is:
All-in-one HD Video converter, YouTube downloader and DVD burner.
Convert among MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, etc.
Convert videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Android, etc.
Built with versatile video audio editing features.


I saw that "download - share - get code" stuff. In fact, the code is right there on the page without sharing anything.

But they still don't say what you get for free: whether it's the complete unlocked version, or just the free 15-day trial.

Based on that ambiguity, and the numerous bad reviews I saw elsewhere, I'd say this is a FAIL.


It appears to be a nearly full version (limitation being that there are "no free upgrades"), not the 15 day trial. You're downloading the trial but they supply an "ACTIVATION CODE" after a few clicks.

The activation code is kinda small near the top middle of the "Step 3" page.

After you kick off the download, you hit the "Next" button to share your free program/app (you can just click "done sharing" to skip sharing) which takes you to a page where you are will find an activation code (along with offers for discounts on their products) that will (I'm assuming) upgrade you to the full (non-trial) version.

In any case, THE ACTIVATION CODE DOES REMOVE THE NAG WINDOW reminding you it's a 15 day trial.

I'm out of characters so I'll put up PC World 's instructions in another post.


@richardmd: They supply an activation code on "Step 3" of the instructions.


Sorry I can't give credit to the original poster of these instructions because the duplicate Woot! deal has been removed.

Here are the instructions from the PC World's website:

To get this freebie, click through using the above link (the link is on PC World's website), then click the Free Download button. While it's downloading, click Next, then decide if you want to share the giveaway link via Facebook, Twitter, or email. (It's optional.) Then click I've shared! Next to get the code you'll need to activate the program.

Let me be clear on this last point: After you install and run WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, it will ask you for a registration code. If you don't paste in the one provided by the site, you'll end up with only the trial version of the software.

That's the only real caveat here, the other being that this freebie version doesn't qualify for free upgrades. But it'll stay functional (i.e. it won't "time out") for as long as it's installed.