dealsmacbook 2.1 ghz intel core 2 duo for $329.99


This is a MB402LL/A which makes it an Early 2008 model, which puts it at 5 years old. Newest OS X that works is 10.7 "Lion".

Uses DDR2 667 MHz PC2-5300 and is expandable to 6 GB (4 GB supported by Apple).

13.3" 1280 × 800 resolution using an Intel GMA X3100 with 144 MB RAM.


^ would you say its a good buy?


@nayeem3: No. There is no gain purchasing this over a comparably priced modern computer with an AMD processor except the access to OS X applications. This machine will not cut it for many modern laptop uses such as HD streaming.


I have this computer which I bought in 2008. I upgraded the hard drive and added memory and run on the latest operating system (for $400 vs $1500 for a Macbook pro) and now have all the bells and whistles at 1/3 of the cost of a new one. Love it.


@bretbeermann: I'd say it does most HD streaming just fine. Let alone downloaded HD content. It just uses the cpu vs the gpu which granted is a terrible gpu. I wouldn't count on it being able to do that in a few years but right now I get along fine. For downloaded HD content it works perfectly well for almost anything. It can run the Bond Quantum of Solace L5.0, 9 Ref Frame test clip. I'm not trying to say this is a great HD video machine. It's 100% not, but a Core2Duo can run most HD content easily via cpu.The bigger letdown is you can't run Mountain Lion.

For day to day stuff I can do literally anything on this laptop that any other laptop can do besides gaming. I have an SSD in mine that boots in seconds, runs Office, the Adobe apps, and anything else you can think of. Everything loads instantly and runs great. I'm not saying this is a good deal price wise, but taken as is from a performance standpoint this machine can still very much perform basic day to day computing tasks.


I'll say it, this is a good deal. I have the CoreDuo (2006 Model) and I use that for photo editing, HD movies, anything you can think of. I also have this exact model (Core2Duo) and upped the ram to 6gb and use that for video editing when i'm not at home. This will out live any laptop made the same year and I would rather have this macbook over any NEW Windows based laptops/desktops. I know I'm coming off as a PC hater, but I'm just voicing my experience with these laptops. They're great, they run any program flawlessly with the exception of video games.

If I didn't already own 2 MacBooks I would jump on this in a heartbeat.


expensive door is this a deal?


@minkeygirl7: You got Mountain Lion on it?

If you need OS X, it could be worth it. I am passing from a point of not having the latest OS X, from a developer perspective.

Some of the lower end AMD chips and the non-"i" series Intel processors aren't necessarily better than a solid Core 2 Duo.

In terms of durability, this is still better put together (case wise) than cheap low end laptops. I've got a Dell Inspiron 13" that is very similar.


My other concern here is the site. It looks a bit hokey and their battery warranty disclaimer references iBook/Powerbooks.


I'm really tempted by this. Just to have for a work computer. But really don't need to spend the money since I use my gaming laptop for both work and gaming currently. Specs aren't bad and price is good enough. Could use a bit more memory but that's cheap. Hrm.... guess I have some time to decide. Thanks for posting! ^^


Looking at it what we need is a good mac book pro deal! so get to work! XP