dealsmaid lingerie costume with garters for $13.99…


Please do not feed the troll. The mods will delete the spammer's comment soon.


@ohcheri: I assume it's already happened as nothing is above your comment.

Good for the mods!


Now if only they would ban him. He is obviously just around to troll.


All this talk, and no respect for the deal!
Suddenly, my house is dirty.
Oh, so dirty.


I kinda like it but I'm not sure if Mr. men actually like this kind of thing? I wish I could see the back of it. the DoD is nice too. I used to have something similar in black...


@mrsque: I think I can safely speak for all men when I answer your question.... yes... yes, we like it... a lot. lol.

Ok, in all reality, what's not to like? It's sexy, it's vinyl, garters, a choker, and a VERY excellent price. Even if you both aren't into role playing, who cares? It's just darn hot.


Need one in red, white and blue. American Maid. :-)


This woman looks familiar does anybody know who she is