dealscraftsman 52 pc. homeowner tool set for $49.99…


The moment that I got married and moved into an apartment with my new wife, I developed an inexplicable desire to accumulate tools of different varieties. I want this!


Keep in mind this is the Craftsman EVOLV set. Still lifetime warranty, but they make you provide a receipt for swap out.

Total BS IMO. A lifetime warranty is for lifetime. Who cares when I bought it, where I bought it or how much I paid. Even if a friend gave it to me. Your tool failed, you replace it. That's the way a no-nonsense warranty should work. That's the way Snap-On, Matco and even Lowe's Kobalt works. .... and the way Craftsman used to be. :-(



I wanted to find out more details on this set, so I went to Sears website. It's on sale over there.


@krazye: you can get it on too for $44.99 with code WOOT + Free Store Pick-Up at Kmart but if you want free shipping, you can't use the coupon code. If you want it for $44.99 from Sears you have to do Free in Store Pickup and you can't get free shipping on Sears until you spend $59. Just FYI


Great brand - love Craftsman tools. However, the color just doesn't match anything else in my garage, and we all know how important that is.

Good deal none the less.


@firebirdude: Great point. Is this a craftsman policy? Some stores do this to prove you didn't steal them. Just curious.


@infestacool: Craftsman EVOLV policy, yes. It's discussed in the my citation above. Top of the link. It's also noted on Wikipedia. lol

The regular plain "Craftsman" hand tools still supposedly have the no receipt required policy. Quite honestly though, Craftsman's quality has slowly dwindled over the years while their prices have slowly risen. Nothing crazy, but as a Craftsman user for a solid 20 years, I've noticed. I'm honestly just as pleased with Lowe's Kobalt brand most of the time. I get 10% military discount on everything in the store and the employees are MUCH less likely to give me flak over exchanging a broken tool. Opinions vary though. To each their own. Just wanted to make sure everyone who purchases this set hangs onto their receipt!