dealsroundtrip flights across u.s. from $90


I predict this "deal" will be downvoted into oblivion.


Come on guys. Its 2012: The end of the world. Give the deal a try


This is ridiculous. I'm actually looking to travel soon and thought this would be helpful. It's just a waste of time, sending you to searches on Priceline or Orbitz or Hotwire, which I can do myself, and where I'm guessing they collect some sort of affiliate commission if you book. I haven't seen anything on the resulting sites about any type of sale.


Travel Zoo is about as reputable as those places that fax those "incredible last-minute vacation deals" to your workplace. You know the one's I'm talking about: Orlando, 5-days/4-nights at the world's only 6-star resort, full accommodations, all inclusive. Plus a 3-day cruise and two days at Universal Studios, all for only $69 per person.


@shanesny: You forgot the * at the end. The one that leads to the footnote:

*Only valid on trips leaving 8/15/1924 from Bob White Field, FL. The hotel received a total of 6 stars across 5 different magazines (Full disclosure, we paid the last one off). Lodging is in the boiler room on a cot next to Cleetus, the janitor of indeterminate species. The three day cruise courtesy of Nottaskam Canoe Rentals. Two days at Universal Studios does not account for the 47 hours the park will be closed for cleaning. Meals provided are an all you can catch buffet in the boiler room. Cleetus will kindly cook them, provided you don't catch any of his relatives.


This is not a deal site, just a referral site that you have to check the prices at other sites. And they get a referral commission each and every time.

Deals.woot must be lowering their standards and be getting paid a lot to keep listing this crap site.


I think this is crap. I'm sorry.


Bad deal in my opinion..Lousy tab at WAY TOO HIGH A PRICE.....


@americahockey: No way man! These deals may only be valid on 12/22/12. Joke's on us, the world will end and they'll already have our money in hand!


Pathetic for Woot. There is nothing here that qualifies for Sell-out. Not cheaper than any other Airfare referral site.


Personally, I have used TravelZoo before, just for airfare. It wasn't bad, or fantastic. Not sure I'd use them again.

However, for a vacation package. My friends and I have used - and actually had good experiences. The prices aren't exactly "dirt cheap" but they're not bad.


Hey guys quick question. Does the funny caption that Woot made up change depending on your location? I'm from Rochester, just curious.


@rook218: Nope, it says Rochester for all of us.


We're sorry, this special has either sold out due to huge demand or may no longer be available at the originally advertised price, terms and conditions.