dealsthe elder scrolls v: skyrim for $44.99 + freeā€¦


I second that; this is probably the lowest you'll find it anywhere right now. Worth EVERY penny, even if they do introduce some new bugs with each patch that's supposed to fix other ones.


Can anybody attest to the credibility of the site?
They have lots of premiere games that are awfully cheap (comparatively) to other stores - online or irl.


I mean they have:

Saints Row: The Third - $25
Battlefield 3 - $35
Skyrim - $45
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - $25

These are all significantly lower than reputable competitors.
Just looking for some confirmation.


I right there with usair4ce0ne's question. I want to believe this is a reputable site with some great prices, that are lower than anybody else... I am just a little weary.


@usair4ce0ne: I would like to know as well... From what I can find they are NOT affiliated with GameStop and there is a frightening lack of information (good OR bad) available. Other than a P.O. box listed on their website I found ZERO information on them...even a domain registration check came up with no owner name.

Unless someone else can find something... I wouldn't touch them.



Would love to grab this and saints row 3 but im in the same boat, never heard of them and not too much info on the web about them...


Not sure whether to upvote for awesome deal or downvote because of lack of credibility of website...


I can't find anything either, but woot is owned by amazon now, so it seems doubtful they'd allow crap sites in their gate way.

Of course, now that I type that, I recall that last year they had a vendor that was selling mr coffee hot choc makers that never shipped. and it took 3 months to get amazon to break the link.

I'll go to best buy I guess. 15 bux off skyrim is only a good deal IF you actually receive it.


If you don't want to risk it, buying the current Toys R Us promotion for buy one get one 50% off will net you around $45 for skyrim, granted you have to return the other game.


@kidotaku: The best no-hassle deal (i.e. doesn't require me to buy another game to get 50% one of them) I can find on a site I trust is:

This is where I purchased my copy of Skyrim (and other games) and I've had zero problems.

Admittedly, I'm considering giving globalgamestop a shot to get Battlefield 3.


its hard to pass this up... but i cant find ANYTHING about this site. And it looks like a cookie cutter style site. This is all i can find.

egistrar History: 2 registrars with 1 drop.
NS History: 6 changes on 5 unique name servers over 2 years.
IP History: 4 changes on 4 unique IP addresses over 2 years.
Whois History: 15 records have been archived since 2009-03-31 .
Reverse IP: 18 other sites hosted on this server.

also... if you do google shopping - i cant find this store listed anywhere. If they have been around for 2 Years, you would think SOMETHING would come up


@sniperakaa: Well, one person got a bad code initially and while it appears to have been resolved, it's still alarming. There are only two other people who have claimed to have successful transactions (including yourself.)

Hopefully they're legit and Wooters start making lots of purchases from them and they stick around, but until we get a few more people validating the legitimacy, everyone's going to be a bit cautious. It's not hard to imagine a shady online vendor losing a few dollars with each cheap video game they sell just to get some credit card numbers.


@rsmoker: im buoght from them like 4 games so far no problems.


And most ever i had to wait for code was 24h


I can attest to the credibility of this site. I have used them many times and have always sold exactly what they say they are selling. I pre-ordered skyrim for that same price and received it exactly when they said I would and for that exact price.



"DONT BUY THIS GAME!!! the game is broken, after you reach 6 mb in save file the game starts to lagg, after 8 mb you cant do nothing because the lag is so bad you cant play the game. the devopers dont even give us aswers and the historial of games is a mess. if you are thinking in buying this , DONT DO IT"

"* COMPLETELY BROKEN ON THE PS3 * The game contains an issue which has thousands of people complaining, from IGN to the official Bethesda boards. The game is big, it's ambitious, and it's amazing, but it's just not set up right on the PS3 system. Look at the links below, where a Fallout New Vegas developer explains why. * PLEASE NOTE * until Bethesda completely fixes this issue for the PS3 version, people must be warned"


@stevereal: Pretty sure this was the PC version, but it's gone now anyway.


@usair4ce0ne: I say that you can rely on this site. I bought Crysis 2 soon after it came out from them. At the time, the site was I originally saw the deal here on deals.woot and saw people confirming that they were indeed getting their codes and that everything worked fine. I purchased the game and got an email stating that I would soon receive my EA download key. So I waited, got the email, opened Origin, typed the Key in and BAM, it started downloading. I've played and updated Crysis 2 every since. I've also received emails from the site ever since, one being that it was changing to I only get emails from them when they add a new game to the site. I'm not sure how they can make money with those prices, but you will get your game. I hope this helps.


@stevereal: What I'm saying is the game being sold by globalgamestop is for PC, which has nothing to do with the problems experienced in the PS3 version. (sigh)


@usair4ce0ne: The site contact is a PO BOX in Arizona, no phone # and host site is registered to PO BOX in Florida. It also says "Skyrim Orders will be delayed for 24 hrs" - it's also not a site that lends itself to be googled without getting blanketed with "GameStop" results which is not an affiliate. Every other legit site and company has this for $10 - $15 more, my Spidey sense is tingling.

I'm running it on the xbox, it's awesome and looks great and it's addicting as crack but you get to keep your teeth. It's the best traditional RPG I've seen on any console PC or otherwise. If your thinking of buying this: BUY IT!!!


Me and few of my friends got this and other games from them. No problems at all!