dealsxbox live 12 month gold membership for $39.99…


This has been $35 at many places for the last few weeks.


@aardwolf98: And $32.99 at one point. Why do people keep posting these?


@aardwolf98 @gerrware:

You two are silly; just because there has been other, better prices for this item previously does not make this price not a deal.

Consider that the current price at most retailers is still between 50 and 60 dollars (, best buy, gamestop, target, newegg, just to name a few).

There is no better price for this item at this time at a major retailer (that I'm aware of, I acknowledge that there may, in fact, be a better price out there). If someone signed on, today, to find a 12-month card to buy, today, this is where they should go.

Whether or not a price is a deal is subjective. You shouldn't change your standards of what is and isn't a deal just because of a few instances of superiority, recent or no.


While I know there are some slightly cheaper deals out there, they tend to have to be shipped to your house. I enjoy just getting the code from amazon even if it means 5 bucks more.