dealsfree 5 pack of sharpie highlighters at officemax


I'm going to Office Max tomorrow to look at an office chair that is on sale. I'll bring this coupon along. Thanks OP!


I found it the coupon. They don't make it easy though.

Look down in the bottom left for the Extra Savings In-Store-Only Coupons box. Click on Learn More. Sign up. It will take you to the flyer for in-store coupons. Click on the page you want and then choose THEIR print button. That prints out the coupon page. Sheesh.


@faughtey's directions are exactly as I posted in the first post. If you still need help, let me know.


@zippy the pinhead: I see the confusion. Use the link posted at the top. Don't literally go to Once you've clicked the "I want one" button, click office supplies.

Again, use; not

Sorry for the confusion.


This is a collosal pain in the ass for a handful of free markers. After finally figuring out which links to click, I still couldn't get the coupon. I tried signing up, and it kept popping up the sign up window for some reason (even after I entered my email + zip code).

If I need markers, I'll just get some at the office. Sheesh.


I can get these for free at work.


thanks, I'll be passing a couple of stores anyway this week.


Free is free, looks like a good deal to me : ) The directions were spot on too, idk what all the confusion is about.


Apparently these are only available in certain markets. In order to actually see the online coupons, you need to enter your ZIP code. I will try a few random ZIP codes for kicks.

Update:I finally got to the coupons using the 90210 (Beverly Hills/LA, CA) ZIP code, but what a huge Pain In The Asteroid......and it still remains to be seen whether my local OfficeMax will accept the coupon.


for those who need are leery of signing up... is your friend