dealsmonoprice 3 outlet surge protector wall tap w/ 2…


I have one of these and really like it. The USB ports provide enough power to charge iphone and ipad mini simultaneously. The only drawback I've found is that the three 3-pronged outlets are too close together meaning you can only use the two on the ends. Otherwise, a good buy.


shipping kills it for me.

price for 1 shipped is $16.79

vs the $17.04 on amazon shipped with prime


Price for 2 was $27.68 vs. $30.70 on their eBay page.


@kevvyroo: I think that amazon one is without the phone holder, $21.01 with phone holders.


The one from eBay doesn't have the phone holders...


IF we knew they were THAT good, getting 4-5 would be the best deal. They end up being $12 each of so. One for each bedroom and then for a living room or something similar works out great


Shipping kinda sucks here, but if you get your order over $50, use promo code "thanks15" to save $15... At least I think that should work.

Nevermind, you cant combine them.


I would recommend you stay away from this item. It leaves something to be desired, based on it's specs, for the following reasons;

1. Clamping voltage is 500 volts. Anything above 400 volts is too high. Ideally it should be no higher than 300 volts. Some high quality surge suppressors can now clamp the voltage at 130 volts.

2. Protection rating of 540 joules and 36,000 amps is not bad but you should get one that has a rating above 600 joules. Better protectors exceed peak ratings of 1000 joules and 40,000 amperes.

3. There is no mention of any type of protection insurance if the device should allow a surge to damage any equipment you have plugged into it. Most of the major companies that make surge suppressors give you a very high dollar amount of coverage for equipment damage.

There are some other concerns but these are, in my opinion, the most problematic.