deals10 wendy's frostys/frosties for $1 for $1.00


great for halloween, you know for the good kids....


Says minimum donation is $5.


@arndta0718: Not sure where you saw this, but if you found it on a web site, then it doesn't apply to this promotion- you can only get these books in person, at a participating Wendy's location. I'm hoping this doesn't run afoul of the DW rules, seeing as you can't buy it online, but that's the way it is.

From the linked web site:
Every fall, buy Jr. Frosty Halloween coupon treat books for only $1. Wendy’s donates 90% of all treat book sales to the Foundation. And in Wendy’s Wonderful Kids markets, all of the proceeds are used specifically to fund grants to support Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiters. Since the fundraiser began in 1992, it has generated millions of dollars for the Foundation, and all donations go to help out the communities in which the money was originally raised. Last year, the Halloween program raised $2,149,000.


I already have the get a free frosty for a year key tag that I got when I donated $1. No limit to it's usage, either. I can get one every day of the year.


@dazoneranger: WHAT?! What is this key tag you speak of?!?!?!


@hokietoes: This was discussed here back in January:

These coupons go into 2013 unlike the tag, however, so if you have a keytag, donate a dolla' and have more free Frostys for a couple more months!


Because I'm evil, I'm going to head down to Wendy's and buy ten at full price. Muhahahahahahahah!


@dazoneranger: You just caused me for search for one of these on Ebay.


Regarding the Key Tag: You only get a free Jr. Frosty if you order something else as well. You can't just walk-in/drive-up and "show your key tag for a free jr. frosty". I got one, but rarely use it... Anyway, the jr. frosty's are so small they can be downed in a couple of gulps if you like brain freeze ;-O


Frosties are the best, especially since they added Vanilla Frosties


every time I get a large classic chocolate , and every time they give me a spoon and a straw.

its impossible to use a straw its soo thick

needles to say I have a straw collection growing


@jasonanaggie: Good post - too bad it looks like there are more bigots downrating it.


and to continue to downrate it...
I remember getting these as a kid, and being disappointed in getting a dixie-sized cup that was 3 bites. Of course you are not required to buy something else, but expected to. Would you really make a special trip just for a tiny cup of frosty?


@charitwo: There has only ever been Vanilla Frosties.


@jasonanaggie: Thanks for bringing your political views into the discussion...


Go to the store. Buy the biggest tub of cheap chocolate ice cream you can find. Put it in your freezer. When you have an urge for a frosty open the freezer, pull the ice cream, fill a glass, add milk and stir.

You can get 10 milkshakes out of this for a total of $5. You'll save that much in gas running back and forth to Wendy's, and I guarantee it tastes a ton better. Plus it's instant gratification.

Disclaimer: You may end up being a much bigger person in one year. Of course, if you're downing a Frosty every other day, the same will be true.


A small vanilla frosty only has 280 calories. A small original chocolate frosty has 300 calories. That is not that bad for an occasional treat. They also both have protein and calcium and are relatively low in fat.

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I don't think you missed anything this year. Guessing from your name your in southwest Virginia. When this deal hit again this year I talked to the manager at the c-burg Wendy's who said that she could not get enough sponsors to do it this year. So the tag was a participating stores type deal.


I have one of the tags. I refuse to carry it on my keychain. I don't go there often, but almost every time (and at different locations) I initially forget to ask for the Frosty. When I go for my wallet to show them the tag they knew what I wanted even before I finished saying. "Oh, and I have one of those tags for a Frosty". They never made me show it.


@wuz314159: Actually, chocolate was their original single flavor, they added vanilla much later.


@fit410s: You don't need a spoon OR a straw. What you need are fries for dipping.


@wuz314159: Were you serious? Are you serious? Can he be serious? How can anyone not know about the chocolate frosty? That's the only flavor they had for the longest time, vanilla only came out within the last decade


Boy, some of you are just downright "cold"! ; )


@cf: This logic is why America has such a problem with obesity... it's sad.

Edit: To clarify before anyone flies off the handle.. I'm not blaming Wendy's or frosty's or anything specific. I'm blaming the way people think about these things. They justify whatever they can so they can feel good about eating unhealthy foods.


@ki4rxm: absolutely the only way to eat an ORIGINAL Frosty. dip your fries in them.
Wendy's employees, please stop asking what flavor. when i want a Frosty, you may assume I want the chocolate. If I wanted a vanilla frosty (which is never) I would ask for a VANILLA FROSTY.


big·ot (b g t) n. One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

I think there are enough bigots to go around.


I do this every year at Taco Cabana, buy a book of 10 coupons for $1, each good for a bean and cheese taco. I think the funds go to a support-the-troops organization. I used to give them out to trick-or-treaters but I get so few anymore I have given up (I am the only house in my neighborhood that participated, so the kids went elsewhere). Now I just buy them and give them out to friends and co-workers with a piece of candy stapled to them for Halloween. I could get the Wendy's coupons and give everyone a bean taco, a little frosty and a piece of candy for less than a quarter each. I also get extra Taco Cabana coupon books and give them to homeless people. I'd rather give them ten tacos than $1, especially since my $1 goes to charity as well.


@moondrake: I love that idea! Although the homeless people would need to be near the restaurant or it wouldn't be very nice (if they are truly homeless).


@ramyg4: I believe, as the poster of the deal, that many of the downvotes are primarily for the fact that @jasonanaggie introduced his own political/religious/anti-whatever-or-whomever rant and opinion into a deal discussion. This deal is/was in no way related to Chick-fil-a, and I personally will continue to downvote anybody who continues to bring it up in this discussion. Rebuttal enough? That is all.

Now back on topic. Go buy Frosty coupons! And @moondrake - great idea!


To this deal, I say "w00t"


This deal is/was in no way related to Chick-fil-a, so let's keep it/personal attacks/and meta moderation discussion out of here. Thanks for understanding.

Also mmm, fries dipped in a Frosty.


@dazoneranger: sure, but you gotta buy a meal. Of course you can do that every day of the year too!


@ki4rxm: I'm glad this raised $2,149,000 for recruiters salaries but how many kids were successfully adopted?


@fastbill: A few facts:
When assisted by the Wendy's Wonderful Kids program, older children and those with emotional challenges are over 3 times more likely to find a permanent home.

Overall, children in the program are more than 2 times more likely to be adopted.

8,170 children have been worked with; 5,422 children have been matched, 550 children are currently in pre-adoptive funded homes, and 3,079 children have been adopted.

Also, that money does not only go to funding people or adoption practices; they also award grants to services that assist adopters and adoptees and finance free tools that can be used by anybody in the adoption process.



I love the vanilla too but you can't deny the original chocolate, man!!


Did I get ripped off? I bought 3 booklets for a dollar each and just noticed that each booklet contains only 5 coupons? The front page even says 5 FREE Jr. Frosty Coupons. I'm in Oregon


@jambajuice: How could you get ripped off? Even with only five coupons they are still only twenty cents a piece! And the money goes to a good cause.. don't forget that.

I literally just got mine 20 minutes ago. I had forgotten all about it and just wanted a double cheeseburger! Then they asked me at the drive through speaker if I wanted to donate and get ten free Jr. Frosties... so of course I said yes!

I'm looking at the coupon book right now and it says 10 FREE JR. FROSTY COUPONS and does in fact have ten coupons inside.

Of course this is in the St. Louis area so maybe they are handling it differently in Oregon...


@autotechinstl: Ripped off in that for the $1 donation, I should have received 10 coupons. But instead, I have 5 coupons. Are Wendy's franchised? That's pretty lame in my market where my dollar is only worth half as much as in St. Louis and elsewhere.


FYI I got the 10-coupon packets in AL. Maybe it's region- or location-specific? Well, probably, not maybe, more likely.


@jambajuice: Well I live in northern California, where my dollar is probably "worth" less than in Oregon, and I also got the 5 pack, and think I still got a pretty sweet deal.

It's only a dollar, and it goes to a charity supporting kids without families. I think a little more perspective is needed.


@ki4rxm: Cool. Worked as a Foster Parent for ten years. Saw a lot of abuses of the system that's supposed to help kids. Really pissed me off and made me leary of adoption and fostercare "charities". Wendy's needs to do a better job of putting what they do out there.


You wanna know how I know america is obese. This is the #1 deal on woot. The end.


@fastbill: Not a problem, I was leary too, that's why I checked.