dealsbuy a harmony 900 or one get a free ps3 adapter…


If only the Harmony One came with the cheaper PS3 adapter rather than the more expensive IR extender, I'd be all over this.


@rsmoker: Same here. The Harmony One is a little too expensive for me.


@fosters81: in the past if you had an old Harmony remote, calling Logitech would get you 50% off. this drops the price to make it a little better to digest. the One is a great remote (upgraded from the 670 series) and it handles the PS3 (with their adapter or using the Nyko one) and all our other components.

cost is hard to address when peace of mind is involved... case in point: the children and spouse are able to just push one button and everything works for them without having to find multiple remotes and learning how to use each one.

One remote (plus free accessory) to rule them all! ;D