dealshi visibility mesh traffic vest - hs004 for $1.98


as a connoisseur of Hi Visibility Mesh Traffic Vests I can attest that this is an excellent deal


At this price, grab several, put one in your car trunk in case of an emergency, tire change etc. Lets other drivers see you a lot better!


@gmartell: That's actually a great suggestion. Also, very good to have on hand if you walk around with little kids on Halloween. Or, can use them while night jogging, snowmobiling, biking, etc...



Item Not Available for Sale Online
Due to technical considerations, this item is available for phone purchases only. To ensure maximum order speed and accuracy, please call 1-800-477-7766 to order.

I've ordered from Galls on the phone before, never an issue.


From the site :

Galls restricts the sale of selected products such as, but not limited to, embroidered apparel, badges, nameplates, insignia, emblems, and collar pins that identify the holder or wearer as a member of any law enforcement agency. Orders for such products must be submitted on department letterhead, and with a copy of official identification. Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-477-7766 for more details. When you place an order for products that are subject to any legal restrictions, you warrant to us that you are authorized to make such purchase, and you are in compliance with all local, state and federal laws concerning same. As a double check to protect the public, please understand that we may verify employment of any person ordering such items. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

TL;DR Doesn't look like you can order w/o being LEO, since it says POLICE on the back. Not necessarily a bad policy IMO


@rubberduckythug: Crap. Was going to make the kids wear these to church next Sunday.


Really no point in reflective safety gear unless it's class 3 high visibility.



No point? That's about as dumb of a statement I have heard in quite some time....


Great for that court ordered community service!


FYI, this is not ANSI class 3 rated for highway use. If you're planning on just keeping it in your trunk for emergencies, but if you're in any type of construction, technically it doesn't meet minimum requirements for reflectivity on highways.


@kmeltzer: Noooooooooo kidding....the parents I saw out with their kids this past halloween, crossing streets not at designated crosswalks, in dark areas, with dark costumes appalled me. I am by no means a halloween grinch, but lord ppl....I couldn't see the parents let alone the kids when I drove to the flashlights, glo lights, light up pumpkins, nothing!! The stupidity of some ppl... Reflective gear is a must on even remotely busy streets...

Not to mention joggers and dog walkers that walk in the street at night...


Two years ago I would have jumped at this, but since the YMCA became just the "Y", I have no use for it. I've also had to lay off the Indian chief, the cowboy and the motorcycle cop.


@rubberduckythug: "...Doesn't look like you can order w/o being LEO, since it says POLICE on the back. Not necessarily a bad policy IMO..."

Hey, I'm Leo! That means I can get a police one!


I wish I had some extra cash... A local ordinance states that panhandlers & folks looking for donations (car washes, etc) must wear one of these. Most police officers will hand them out if someone donates them,


So this is what I've been missing from my wardrobe. Oughta attract the ladies' attention...


@wingnut99: Damn those state austerity cuts. THEY EVEN CUT THE INDIAN,NOT THE INDIAN! I thought they had him on part time.

Bummer about the deal. Great to wear while you ride bike or motorcycle. I have two bikes could have used a second for my passenger. I will just continue honking my horn at every intersection I come to. All those cagers are trying to kill you.


Would you rather wear this or camouflage while hunting?

I never understood the desire to hide from animals when ppl with guns are around.