dealsrawlings vertu3ls shooting shirt for $11.99


100% nylon AND 100% polyester? Wow. The manufacturer must have gone to math college.

But seriously, I love to shoot as much as the next girl, but I don't really know WHY I need this special shirt to go shooting. Does it keep gun shot residue off of me?

I upvoted your deal @mtm2, not trying to be difficult here. Just wonderin'.


@hot72chev: I didn't write it, just posted.

Seems to be one material for the trunk, different material for the sleeves.

And it seem to be for shooting baskets, not real shooting.


Oh, I see the distinction between the body of the shirt and the sleeves now.

I must just be in the mood to buy something and I want somebody to talk me into it! I've got shooting gloves and shooting glasses, I've just never heard of a shooting shirt. Somebody tell me why I need this thing!

Edit: Oh DUH shooting baskets. I see now, said the blind Wooter.


@hot72chev: Plenty of shirts designed for the real shooting though. Start with Bass Pro and Cabela's. Plenty of manufactures make something for the sport.