dealssummer escapes 14' x 36'' quick set ring pool set…


I love the Photoshop job on the picture of the shiny happy people lounging in the pool!


The photoshop job makes me think the pool is about the size of a dog bowl.


It's an amusing idea-- the pool apparently floats on itself. But how does one enter and exit without losing a huge amount of water?

@justfred: Apparently it is enormous, or at least the drains are, as it warns that your body can be sucked into the drain.


I've had one of these models before. The actually are pretty decent. They really shouldn't photoshop the picture though. My expectation from the picture was a little let down when out of the box.

All in all, it gave my 4yo a HOURS of fun every other day for two summers. It stayed inflated most the time, but then a coyote got into it. It became rather annoying filling that ring every day because the leaks. One time it flooded the back yard, but the ring had to completely deflate before that happened.

Alas, it was retired this last year. Given that it cost $180ish when I got it, I still think it was a decent investment.

One last thing, they company that makes these also sells covers for them pretty cheap. I Think I got mine for $17 shipped. ITS WORTH IT. One side affect is that were I live we get a lot of sun, and sometimes it was like swimming in a hot tub. could be good or bad.