dealsbattlefield 3 - pc for $5.99 (digital download)


The current humble bundle includes this and 7 other games for less than this. Way better deal.


@jakeadiah: You can't speak of that deal here. It's too hard to vet, or something. Even though it is way better than this one.


@jakeadiah: came over to say the same thing. too true


@jakeadiah: I got my humblebundle just a couple days ago, plus it's for charity; Many more times better than this deal listed here.


No deal. Anything related to Origin is bound to make you angry, at any price.

At any rate, the game is fun for multiplayer, but the campaign blows. There were so many glitches and they never offered any updates -- they abandoned the single player support less than a month after the game was released.


Seriously, just go to the humble bundle. You get the same game for cheaper, and EA doesn't get a DIME. It all goes to charity. Much better overall deal.


@capguncowboy: I just got it and haven't seen any of this stuff you mention. Are you sure you aren't thinking of MOH? Because I tried it too and it is buggy garbage.


They just added 2 more games to the humble bundle.