dealssony playstation vita wifi portable consoleā€¦


According to sony playstation plus will be availible for the vita by end of month. if you are an existing playstation plus member there is no extra charge.


I've had mixed experiences with items from Cow Boom, I would recommend adding a warranty, however, with adding a warranty you lose out on this being a good deal , a 2 year warranty would make this thing almost 200 dollars and you can buy a new one for that price. Vita is too expensive, I wish they would just cut the price to get this in more peoples' hands...sigh


@uclabru1: Sony are too much idiots to figure that out. I mean, they go off and think people needed a more slimmer version of the PS3?? Really? For the record, I like how it's actually slim but I didn't think we needed a new Slim, we needed a proper pricing for the Vita.

Nope, they instead make new colors for the Vitas.